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IronFox Heli Tours

We arrange heli tours several times per year. Because we book as a group we are able to get group pricing which often means a savings of as much as 20% over individual booking prices. In addition, because we often come along and benefit ourselves from going as a group, we don't mark up. Everyone wins!

Whistler Blackcomb Day Trip

Starting at $789/person

4 runs with extra vertical at 100.00 per run

Territory includes 173 glaciers and 475 runs in an area that is 50 times the size of Whistler

432,000 acres of classic, big mountain terrain

Groups up to 10

Tyax Resort 3 - 7 Day Excursions

Starting at $4,600/person

3 - 7 Day Excursions at Tyax Wilderness Resort

All Inclusive Pricing, including transport from Vancouver to Tyax

Unlimited vertical. Unlimited runs!

Luxury meals and accomodations

Groups up to 30

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Want to join us on our next Heli adventure? While dates vary we are usually able to organize several trips per year. Just enter your contact info below and we'll add you to our newsletter. When you're ready to join us, just call our office. Payment instructions will be included in the newsletter for each trip.

A few shameless testimonials...

Young woman with snowboard wearing ski goggles, smiling, portrait
Vanessa L.

I was very impressed by the professionalism of the guys from Whistler Heli Tours in getting us off the mountain before the weather moved in. A great day of boarding, yes, but always safety first!

Jeff M.

Colin and Steve, you guys rock. What a blast! I will definitely be joining you again next year for another long weekend at Tyax, but this time you're buying. No more free cider for you!

Bernard D.

Thanks again to everyone for making this such a great trip! Sandy, Colin, Steve - you guys are the best and I can't think of any group I'd rather spend 3 days on a mountain with. Tyax - 2017!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the cost?

Costs for Tyax excursions are all-inclusive, from the time we leave Vancouver until we get back. Transportation, heli tours, accommodations, meals and non-alcoholic beverages (although Colin has been known to bring a keg once or twice).

Costs for Whistler Day Trips cover all heli expenses plus lunch. We recommend you pack snacks and a water bottle. You will need to arrange your own transportation to the assembly site. Details will be provided.

It says costs are approximate. How approximate?

Our posted costs are based upon our last excursion. When the newsletter comes out with our next excursion offering the costs are fixed at that point. We base our costs on occupancy so often a trip with 10 committed will be cheaper than if we have only 5, although most of the time that's not a problem as we usually have a waiting list.

What's the cancellation policy?

You'll be required to make a 100% deposit 10 days prior to the trip. There are no cancellations within the 10 day window. If you are sick or have a family emergency contact us right away. We often have a waiting list so we may be able to find someone to take your place. If not, sorry but you're out of luck.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take Visa or Mastercard.