Lib Tech TRS 2015-2016 Snowboard Review


‘TRS’ stands for Total Ripper Series, which gives you a clue about the all-round nature of the Lib Tech TRS. It’s under the feet of Sammy Luebke when he’s on the Freeride World Tour, as well as Eric Jackson and Blair Habenichtas they throw shapes in front of a lens. For freeride or backcountry freestyle, it’s a top choice.

The profile is Lib’s ‘XC2’, which has a short rocker between the feet and longer camber sections running towards the tips. It’ll therefore hold an edge well when you’re bombing it to the lip of the booter, but also float well in powder whichever way round you land.

If pow riding to you means taking route one and bombing it down, then this probably isn’t the one you want; the twin-shaped Lib Tech TRS is for exploring the mountain, switching up your stance and ticking off the tricks in nature’s terrain park.

As with much of their range, Lib Tech release the TRS in narrower sizes as well as wides, so lighter riders with smaller feet should check that out. There’s also the ‘Horsepower’ edition, a more expensive version that’s lighter and tougher.